Hydraulic universal tensile testing machine


Hydraulic universal tensile testing machine

Universal Hydraulic Tensile Test Machine is produced to test the ferrous materials for structural values such as yield strength and tensile strength. Universal Test Machines can also be used for compression tests up to the capacity of the machine. Maximum capacity is between 600 to 2000 kN. Can be test flat and round samples. 0-40 mm flat and 8-40 mm round samples can be tested with a hydraulic jaws that comply with standards.

Load cell is used for load measurements. Strain measurement is done by the electronic displacement transducer built in the machine if required external extensometer fitted to the specimen also can be used for strain measurement. Strain measurements can be done directly from the extensometer fitted to the specimen.

Tests can be done automatic by digital control unit or computer. Machine complete the test with the set pace rate and turns to start position automatically.


Hydraulic grips are very safe. Hydraulic grips come with grip sets for pulling 8 - 40 mm diameter cylinder samples. The hydraulic grips has an independent hydraulic power unit with a working pressure of 400 bars. Jaw faces for flat samples should be ordered separately.


Different types of extensometers with accuracy of ±0.1% of indicated value are available depending on requirements. Extensometer can directly measure deformation of specimens.

Data Acquisition & PC Software

The Universal Testing machine can be controlled (Start, Stop commands) by a computer with the software given free of charge by Testmak. This software provides data acquisition and management for compression, tensile and splitting tensile test throughout the test execution. The test results certificate includes all descriptive information. Therefore, test parameters can be set and details about the test carried out such as client details, test type, specimen type, user info can be printed out as well as test report and graph.